Discover Kirkland Lake's history through stories told by those who lived there.

Get to know the people and their personal experiences in the town of Kirkland Lake throughout the various generations

Behind the Scenes

The Decade Project was headed up by three students in Kirkland Lake District Composite School.  Gracie, Joey and Jena worked together to create a project for their Computer Technology Class to provide people the opportunity to experience the various perspectives of Kirkland Lake's residents throughout the ages.




Executive Producer

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Joey was in charge of all the videography, recording all of the footage and editing it to ensure quality viewing content.

Jena was responsible for the pre-interview questions along with the development of the interview questions and Project Biographies.

Gracie was in charge of website development, along with the pre-interview questions, as well as the coordination of the Project Biographies.

The DECADE Project